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If you follow your intuition, the full moon on Saturday can take you on a wonderful adventure. A weekend getaway might be in store! Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This week, trust your gut, and let go of anything that doesn't serve you, so you can make space for the new experiences coming your way in Your birthday season begins on Friday, Capricorn, and you're almost at the mountaintop! Allow yourself the gift of receiving their support—you deserve it! Make time for love and relationships.

Collaboration determines the outcome, Aquarius, and your skills in this area will allow you and your colleagues to connect in wonderful ways and achieve success. Intelligence is your biggest fetish right now, Pisces. Follow the partners who are blessed with heart and brains. Friday has you socializing with friends after a workhorse of a month, and the full moon on Saturday is in your courage zone. Be brave, and share the story of your heart!

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Co-founded by Beyonce and Salma Hayek in association with Gucci, it speaks out for women and girls around the world. Ellie first got involved by playing at a Chime Eor Change gig in Most of the girls there would ordinarily go into a relationship very young, and that was that.

It was her solace and escape from a difficult upbringing, and it was at university in Canterbury that she was spotted as a future star. Bailiffs were regular visitors, and paying the bills was a constant worry. I just wanted to learn.

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Her father played guitar too. By chance, young manager Jamie Lillywhite who Ellie still works with spotted her; less than two years later, he signed her to Polydor Records. Eame came quickly. Meanwhile, her debut album Lights had shot to the top of the UK charts. It went double-platinum too, but she failed to score a No. But that, Ellie says, saved her. It was like someone had pushed me out into the wilderness. It was all. Ellie practically fizzes as we talk about him - and she thanks Cosmopolitan for our help in bringing them together.

Did their eyes meet across a crowded room.? He was just sort of walking around, and I thought he was really fit. I was also wearing the tightest corset of all time. But it worked, because I pulled him! And a hen do - all my best friends in Ibiza or something. So she can see a long- term future with Dougie, then.?

I was a bit out of control, um. Anything Could Happen , together on tour in LA. We love doing scenes from The Office'' Do they text? Our lives, the world. I have friends who are famous, and I have friends who are not famous, but those older connections are the particularly special ones. Ellie smiles, and those fox-like eyes dazzle. And I got annoyed when Glastonbury had so many men on the line-up. Things are changing, you know.? And I love it.

Daily Horoscope December 22, 2016: Scorpio

And you just wish you could go back to tell year-old Ellie that for her, anything could happen. It just kind of happened. I thought it might work - and it did!

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I did CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy] and it changed my life. Jie Education.. YS, a reuhW. You buy into the box clutch trend. Seriously, this bag is one you can keep hold of - not one you need to leave on a table, ask a patient male accomplice to hold while you make a dash for the dance floor, or that wears your shoulder out with the weight of freight within. A sliver of chain to wear across the body can only be a bonus Bed of roses from Flowerbx 69 Most party dress codes come in two distinct flavours: low key and sultry or high key and sexy.

Thafs the deep, deep V; a trend that will inveigle its way into every party this season and quite possibly create a few gasps along the way. Best for smaller chests, although larger-hosomed friends can still apply - just look for Vs where the point sits just above the breasts. Not anymore. Sequins known to the fashion pack as paillettes suit all body shapes - as long as you keep them small no bigger than 6mm diameter, please. Models Zhanna at PRM. Harvey Newton-Haydon at Next. Lukas at Nevs. How imagine It even more quintessentjally Now with red-hot halo style rear lights and body coloured inserts.

Just one of many ferociously fashionable touches that make the new Fiat even glossier Shine baby, shine. Retro lurex? That means keeping accessories neutral - diamante costume jewellery has no place here. Tone it down with a just-the-right-side-of-ugly shoe. Try this fine-knit top with leather skinnies.

Our advice: go the way of Kate Moss and down-sex it with a leather jacket and sturdy biker boots. And guess what? These iridescent beauties can help you do just that. The result: most people thought she looked five years older just 14 hours later. Cue a flurry of fatigue fighters from the likes of Decleor, Embryolisse and This Works. The dog days are over. Give it to your nan. Just saying. Daisy by Marc Jacobs Body Lotion If you want to channel an actual daisy, layer this body cream under your fragrance. Clean On Me Shower Gel This bad boy will last you ages, and the pump action is ideal for slippery shower hands.

Win some, lose some. No big deal, then. Catwalk-ready hair, now the world is my runway.


Nutmeg and cinnamon spice things up, while brown sugar takes it into mouthwatering territory. The child in you will go giddy over nostalgic notes of fresh pine, lavender and amber. Oh well, burn th s candle instead, and fill the room with warming scents of smoky, nutty loveliness. A hint of caramel takes the edge off, plus th s burns for an impressive 90 hours. Gan a candle really capture Christmas? What makes more sense to me Fve done it for years is double-masking.

Apply an enzyme or AHA mask first to dissolve dead cells. Follow that with a treatment mask. I'he latter works twice as hard on pre-peeled skin, so you get professional-looking results at home. Hair grows back finer and, over time, sparser. Zapping every inch of skin is a rather slow and sting-y process. For true permanent hair removal you still need to go pro.

Also, lasers are off-limits for dark skin or very light hair, while epilators are not. It adds a pop of colour and makes a huge difference! Modelling takes its toll because of the hot irons, so healthy hair is important to me. I use masks as often as I can. My style is casual but I like to dress up at night - I love sexy heels. I wore dramatic earrings, so I kept my skin and lips subtle. I had feline flicks and black lashes for something extra.

I like tequila with soda water too - it tastes like a skinny margarita. Everybody loves a good throwback and it gets the crowd going. I definitely believe in cheat days. A workout and a steam make me feel better too. Monday - Seturday, geogrephrcal excliisiDne apply Subject to sveilabiliEv. Vodka is my spirit of choice. I collaborated with Rudimental and that was kind of my big break. Her look always seems totally effortless and I love that. I usually just focus on my skin, lips and eyebrows. I could bathe in it!

I love floral smells, so this one is great. My hair holds scent really well so I spray loads in it. Then I turn my head upside down and diffuse, diffuse, diffuse. Gotta get that hair big! I use volumising powder too. Feeling good about the way you look is essential. I mix glamour with casual - like skinny ripped jeans with a band T-shirt, heels, a faux-fur coat and loads of jewellery. I really like his song Hotline Bling. Then the Spanx come out. I was wearing a billowy dress and the wind kept blowing it up. I was trying to DJ with one hand and hold my dress down with the other.

In the end, we gaffer-taped it to my legs! He is so glamorous. I once witnessed his skincare routine - he used five different creams before he left the house. I try to stay makeup- free after a big night too, to let my skin breathe. Then home to watch films under a blanket. So you can easily get the same high quality care for your skin, without a visit to the doctors, www. The four definitive indicators of addiction? A perceived lack of connection with the outside world tick.

Being unable to access information tick. General loss of convenience yup. With women identified as 3. The reality is, people make assumptions based on how you look - why not utilise that to make a killer first impression through your clothes? An outfit is a way of telling your story without having to speak, and of accentuating the best bits of your personality. You should never shy away from who you are. Whenever I meet somebody new and they hand me their business card. Knowing little details about a person helps spark a conversation later.

I conquered my fear of public speaking after broadcaster Gloria Hunniford told me to imagine everyone I was talking to was a close friend. I chant that to myself whenever I have to make a behind-the- scenes or get-the-look video for The X Factor. If you have an interest in fashion, start a blog or post on Instagram. It showed real initiative, and it spurred me on to get in touch with him to And out more.

All those small steps of progression soon add up - success rarely comes in leaps and bounds. But 1, days later she was hred, in one of the most dramatic, headline - grabbing dismissals of the century. Here she explains how to get ahead — and hght back Serving- sugge-stiori Inspired by a singte drop of delicious coffee. Drop's sleek and seamless form comes with breakthrough touchscreen technology for a uniquely intuitive experience. Simply pop in a capsule to create frothy Latte Macchiatos. My kids were upset, and the loudness of the coverage was surprising.

Within a nanosecond, my daughter Cornelia had put it on Instagram, and it went viral. The next morning, it was printed on the cover of the New York Post. It felt fantastic. The issue of how women are viewed is interesting. The silver lining was the reaction of other women. Female editors who I have never met sent me flowers after that article. A couple of times, I had to explain that to men. There was some surprise at the speed at which some women got promoted. But be careful what you wish for.

It can be best to get passed over for a job, as there may be a better job out there. I was insistent that it be publicly clear as I was not ashamed. Especially in this economy, people are bred left and right for arbitrary reasons, and there are often forces beyond your control.

The most important advice I would still give - and it may seem crazy because I did lose this job - is that you have to be an authentic person. I did cry. That was my authentic first reaction. What I tried to stress to students was that rather than picking a speciality, like blogging or being a videographer, they should master the basics of really good storytelling. Have curiosity and a sense of how a topic is different from a story, and actually go out, witness and report.

There is too much journalism right now based on people scraping the internet and riffing off something else. My admiration for women who are good at that is unbridled. Women in general have a harder time talking about money with their bosses. Men never chalk up their success to luck, but women often do.

The Best Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign

In my experience, men more than women brought up money and talked about it and pressed for what they wanted in terms of salary before they agreed to be promoted. I met Hillary Clinton in I went to Little Rock to gather material. I was impressed that Bill Clinton had this very smart lawyer wife and Betsey Wright, a very brash woman, as his top political lieutenant.

She was fantastic, friendly and helpful. Both [Bill and Hillary] have first-class minds, and that is a great building block for a successful presidency. I think he was a successful president, and I think she would be too. It was a survival mechanism. Having him in my corner and my kids and my sister helps. My sister called me up after I got fired to say our father would be as proud of me that morning as when I got the job.

I remember being in story sessions, and so many times rd have an idea and talk about it. I did grouse about it with other women in the office, which in some ways is safer and more cowardly, but is also very comforting and kind of gratifying. They read, and if I really needed to know something, they would tell me.

One thing I love is TheLi. I was a very big thread. I do Kicking back Since getting fired, Fve watched every Yankees game, and Fve gone to a couple of day games that I would never have been able to before. My dog. Scout, is relaxing company.

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  4. I went to Greece with my sister and we went to museums in Athens, then just sat on the beach in Mykonos for a week and talked and read and laughed. I love it. I love the institution still. And I love Girls. Mamie had completely fallen apart as a character; Allison Williams is a good actress, though.

    All personal orders. The minimijm jtybscHprlpn Term ts 12 tssues. There's m end of combinations of exterior and interior accessories and trims, and hi-tech gizmos galore. Go create at VauxhalLco. Extra- urtian: Cornbined: 4. Tam pax will take on your period. With our best protection and smoothes! The key to success is to relabel in your mind those sweaty palms and racing heart as excitement, not anxiety. Stay out till sunrise with new Always Ultra, its super absorbent core has liquid locking gel, and gel cant g - Remember, great stories dont happerj when you stay in.

    Also available In Liners. But then, in , things began going wrong. First, I suffered an ectopic pregnancy - an egg was fertilised in my Fallopian tube and I was rushed to hospital to have it removed. Then, my boyfriend at the time found a lump in my breast. I was seen in August and got my results in September - I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within three weeks, I had two operations to remove the lump and the lymph nodes in my armpit, and started chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    My life was on hold. When my treatment ended, I had to learn to trust my body again. I decided to build my strength back up, and signed up for a 5K run a month after my last chemotherapy session. Next, I ditched my wig and showed off my new short haircut. It was a case of mind over matter; taking it step by step. In it might sound unbelievable, but this is the reality for millions of women across the world. And we need you to join us. Share it with your friends, family and colleagues - and help us get the message out there.

    Together with Chime for Change, Special K has supported 23 projects in 18 countries, helping more than 20, women to achieve this. Projects such as providing schoolgirls with free primary education in Peru - as well as daily hot meals to help them learn and keep their minds sharp. Or giving female farmers in Tanzania life-changing agricultural training to combat chronic food shortage and help them feed their families.

    Did you know thousands of Guatemalan women and children die every year from the negative health effects of cooking daily meals over inefficient, open fires. Changing time Is made easy too. Simply take off with the tear away sides, seal with the handy disposal tape, puU on a fresh pant and Just look forward to a great day ahead. Water resistance Is measured in mm, from 0 to lOK, and Is listed on the care label.

    The latter means Its totally waterproof 0? Not so much. Master seducer. Messiah to legions of losers everywhere. Blame Neil Strauss. He is the author of The Game , a book on how to manipulate women into having sex, in case the usual tactics - kindness, charm, sincerity? He infiltrated the community of pick-up artists PUAs - this world is full of acronyms because it is full of men in California where else? He has glum moments of clarity - 'It wasn 't a lifestyle; it was a disease' - but Neil loved being a PUA. Whatever warnings he carefully inserts into The Game he adored it.

    He shaved his head, grew a goatee and bought a purple fur vest in a Montreal lingerie shop. Sample line from PUA guru Steve P: 'We're going to reframe you to where you're not glad to have some boopsy suck your dick. It will be a privilege for her to get to drink from the nectar of the master'. That said. The Game is, if you have a sense of humour, very funny - but not intentionally.

    Imagine all the nerds you have ever met with gym bodies and good haircuts, dressed like Las Vegas circus performers and carrying pre-memorised pick-up lines hitting on women en masse and retiring to chat rooms to discuss the results, and you have The Game. The same women are approached by PUAs with identical lines, which must have been bewildering for them. Some of them are gay. Some of them have limited self-awareness: Tm a child robot, a sex robot and an entertainer robots says Mystery, a thwarted magician, whose goal in life is to find two 'young bisexual women' and 'train them to become strippers, girlfriends and, eventually, magic assistants'.

    They ended up an LA mansion they called Project Hollywood, hating each other. Now Strauss is back with a sequel The Truth. I am invited to interview Neil by telephone in California he is American to discuss what I suppose is his contrition. The Truth tells you everything the perceptive reader already knew when reading The Game-, that Neil is a sex addict; that PUAs fear women more than they desire them, and that artifice is no way to m moments of crisis, he asks, "What would Tom Cruise do? It is testament to The Game's, idiocy that the most emotionally healthy person in its pages is, of all people, Tom Cruise, who Neil interviews for Rolling Stone magazine.

    When told yes. Cruise s, 2 ys,'Those things are a false intimacy'. Like whales. He tries swinging, but takes GHB [a drug] and passes out at an orgy: 'I feel vanilla', he moans. He sends the non-compliant one away. It is OK in the end, though. He returns to his true love Ingrid, a woman who once won a rock paper scissors championship, and marries her. Now they have a baby called Tenn. Even the baby is a I suppose I am expecting a PUA - direct, dominant, like Steven Seagal or Donald Trump, with a bone- crushing handshake of a voice - but Strauss has a thin, rather delicate voice; he sounds nervous.

    Maybe he has heard I am a Feminist, rather than Angry Brunette, 6, or maybe 5. I think its vanity - or maybe fear of commitment leaking out, even it is rather extreme not to commit to an age. Are you sorry you wrote it. I would only be sorry if I felt it was inauthentic. Are you sorry that you hurt people. Er, maybe the women you seduced with Neuro-lingustic Programming NEP ; with condiment anchoring; with the stupid vest. A disturbing family background emerges in The Truth. Instead she confided in the teenage Neil. You know he could only get it up twice: once for you and once for your brother.

    He writes that his mum grounded him in high school. She cut off all contact when she disapproved of his first girlfriend. I think that leads to the sort of pathology that causes one to play games of power with the opposite sex. I suppose this is progress. And by the way, when I interviewed him, he was the same. He was enmeshed by his mom, who was also physically distant.

    Later he emails me to clarify his remark. Hatred would be too strong a word. There is none of the insanity of his books. At the end of our conversation, he asks Ingrid to speak to me, so she can tell me what she thought when she first read The Game. He was very vulnerable. And I do feel for his parents. Whatever happened between them and Neil - and I do not know, and I do not know whether what Neil has written is true - is there no better way for Neil to deal with it than to send a juggernaut of a book towards them.?

    Maybe nothing is real for him without a book.? He got sick and profited; he got well and will profit. He is, essentially, the American Liz Jones.

    here She sieeps by day and eats by night, iike a vampire covered in Biro marks. She iikes her steak rare. But when I interviewed Neil for this feature, I hated him a little less - partly because he let me listen to his baby gurgle down the telephone. So he is at least partially redeemed Silk, suede, vinyl, velvet and mink not real mink, obviously are all vying for position on your face - but how should you use them to effortlessly chic, head-turning effect. Make tones complement your skin. But bear in mind that going for cool-toned shimmer on warm skin or warm contour against cool skin veers into TOWIE territory!

    A blue-based pink looks delicate and fresh against more yellow-toned complexions. Or opt for a matt liquid lip paint. These feel light and hydrating but set on the lips, providing opaque, velvety coverage that lasts forever. Perfect hair is so last year, and together with OGX, we are on a mission to make you love your locks for exactly what they are.

    The key is to stop fighting for perfection and start embracing your hair instead, using an effective blend of products that will enhance its one-of-a-kind character. OGX boasts a range of exotic ingredients that has every hair need covered, so we decided to put the got-it-all brand to the test by roping in four very different girls. So are you ready to fall back in love with the hair you were born with. Argan Oil Of Morocco in my hair as it gives it a softer feel and bounee. After using the spray serum, I can sleep with it damp and never have to worry about waking up with frizz.

    Conditioner is my No.

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    Sound good to you? Mist rises from the neighbouring Balinese paddy fields like steam from a hot crumpet. Beside me, a tanned, bearded hipster type lies in a hammock, quietly contemplating the scene before us from behind his jamu juice the turmeric-laced drink of choice for most of the hip, twenty-something crowd here. As for me. After thafi Who knows. I might join Portland and get a massage. Ambition is like fever here - you can smell the simmering plots and plans in the air, and practically taste the frustration and opportunism in every bar and organic cafe.

    Working hard and playing hard has never looked quite this exotic before. We are letting our rampant wanderlust peacefully coexist with our equally rampant ambition. The idea of slaving for 12 hours a day, 48 weeks of the year to afford a fly-and-flop in the south of France seems ludicrous in an age where you can run your own business from your laptop at a beach hut in Bali and surf every morning. We want a life Ailed with the sort of rich experiences that our parents used to see as a far-down- the-line reward for a lifetime of work.

    The unspoken mantra of the digital nomad. Slack has the most appealing interface and is the virtual office that our start-up will be most comfortable in. Do they think this is Linkedin? What we new rich have gained, however, is freedom and flexibility; the right to earn money on our own terms. For years I worked long hours as features editor on a fashion magazine in London, barely seeing my boyfriend - or daylight - and feeling less creative by the day.

    I wanted to dedicate time to writing a book. I wanted the flexibility to spend more time with my family in Ireland. I wanted to volunteer more often. Collyn Ahart, 33, remembers the exact moment she realised she needed to escape London. She had spent the previous two years establishing a fashion start-up, Bowndling Adventurewear, while acting as a consultant for brands to pay the bills. There are those travelling on a work-as-you-go basis, advertising their digital services through platforms such as freelance marketplace Upwork and moving on from one Thai beach shack to the next.

    There are entrepreneurs and investors who fly entire start-up teams out to Tulum, Chiang Mai or Ubud to launch their company there, Airbnbing a bamboo villa, hiring a raw chef and a yoga instructor, and brainstorming in style. And there are people like me, who spend three to six months of the year based somewhere new and exciting, so I can live a different lifestyle before heading back home.

    Today, employers, clients and investors are starting to realise flexibility boosts creativity and productivity, rather than allowing us all to slack off. Our parents sold themselves on long hours for the dream of retiring at 50 to sail around the world, or owning a five-bedroom home in the country. But these things are about as real as unicorns to most people born after And many of us watched our parents bust a gut their entire lives, only to see their hard-built businesses collapse or be made redundant in the aftermath of the recession.

    And perhaps accompanied by a cold beer. Although I loved being a nurse, I always wanted to do something more creative. One morning, after a long night shift, I got home feeling slightly broken. I vowed wherever it landed, I would go. That peanut landed where my eco-hotel Butterfly House now stands. I spent six years building the hotel, camping on the beach so I could be up at dawn to start work. It was a crazy time, but Em so proud of what Eve achieved. Starting from scratch sends your creativity into overdrive. I live in a basic beachfront shack for a tenth of the price of rent in London.

    I do miss England. Indonesia has an amazing leatherwork tradition and by establishing our workshop there we could produce in small quantities using sustainable methods. A couple of years ago, it struck us we could run the entire business from Bali, so I moved out here in , closing our London showroom. Bali is a creative destination and we meet so many photographers, stylists and designers. Nothing motivates a Sagittarius more than doing it somewhere outside. Leather toys—whip, handcuffs, clothes—excite you.

    Sex isn't usually very personal for you—you're typically in it for the fun! Best sex position: on your back. From here you can show off your deluxe Rabbit or whatever gadget you have stashed in your goodie drawer to your partner as they watch. Seeing them get worked up over your self-pleasure will get you ready for the real action. You're the sign of compassion and are a "sponge for emotions.

    Out of the rest of the signs, you're probably the most romantic. Best sex position: spooning. Intimate, personal, body contact—everything a Pisces could hope for. Well, that and a little role play. Sign up for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork. Newsletter Wellness, Meet Inbox. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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