24 december 2019 leo horoscope

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Sometimes you may change too much, unable to let things stay as they are long enough for real progress or success to be had, and you may seem moody. You need to learn how to blend your mind and emotions together to make better decisions. Sometimes you may wish you had a mute button. Figuring out who you are, especially in regards to your emotional nature, may be something you have to work on for a large chunk of your life.

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For some, this may make you a sharp money manager, keeping track of every single penny and making very good long-term investments. For others, this may make you squander money by buying too much, acquiring things because it provides a temporary high obviously this placement can be prone to shopping addiction if the Moon is difficultly aspected.

A happy home equates to a happy life for you. You may be good at remembering details, and you may have a lot of random knowledge. Your mind is active, so you likely have a good imagination and you can be creative, especially with anything to do with words. A normal life may not be something you desire, because you always want excitement. Some may let their mind override their emotions, and inject too much logic into their feelings, while others may let their emotions override their mind, and be irrational and illogical.

Your emotions color your thoughts no matter what, so trying to find harmony between the two is key.

Natal Moon Square Mars - Astrology Aspect Tutorial

You likely love to communicate with people, and at times you may have problems with anxiety, over thinking things. Natal Moon in the 4th House The home and family are of utmost importance to you. For some of you, your childhood was wonderfully secure, and your family is everything; for others, it was the pits, and the effect your family had on you was scarring.

Either way, your family tends to have a profound effect on you. You want your home to be a happy place, and you want to have a strong familial core.

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You need nurturing relationships, and you may always be looking for someone to take care of you. Natal Moon in the 5th House This can be a highly creative placement. The Fifth House loves to create things, and with the Moon here, it becomes an emotional need to create. This usually manifests as artistic creativity, and many actors, singers, artists, and the like have Fifth House Moons or prominent Fifth Houses. A Fifth House Moon is also usually good with children, though you may become attached in unhealthy ways.

Those with very difficultly aspected Moons may have to watch for problems with gambling and negative risk-taking. You may be fidgety, and always require something to do. You can plow through the small tasks with ease, and seem to be on the nose with everything. This makes you reliable, and people probably trust you with a lot. You may have trouble sticking with one job, and may go from job to job throughout your life. You need a work environment that keeps you stimulated while also being nurturing. Being healthy is important to you, equating physical health with a good life, though stress may take its toll on your physically.

Learn to deal with stress in a positive way, otherwise it will eat away at you more than most. You can be very sensitive and are wounded easily, so take care of yourself. You can be very practical and not give in to many whims. Natal Moon in the 7th House Relationships are hugely important to you, and you need to have significant, intimate relationships in order to feel secure. You desire relationships that nurture, either your partner nurturing you or you nurturing your partner.

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  8. There can be codependency issues. This can lead some to marry young or many times. Marriage may also be desired to secure yourself financially or to give you a better standing in the community. Natal Moon in the 8th House Your emotions can be intense at times, and you may feel things quite powerfully. Many Eighth House Moons have a tendency to put an enormous amount of emotion into sex, and for some, there is a strong emotional need for a fulfilling sexual relationship. Some usually if your Moon is difficultly aspected may take this to the extreme, not engaging in real relationships and just going from one sexual partner to the next on some quest to complete themselves through sex, or even go down the route of sexual addiction.

    For those who handle this well, you can use sex in your relationships to further the emotional connection you have with your partner, rather than having it instead of the emotional connection. Once you do find someone, you can be incredibly loyal. You want to help people transform themselves, and can get involved in a cause to that effect. Natal Moon in the 9th House Expanding your mind can make you feel best, and you want to learn about other ways of life.

    You can be interested in philosophy, maybe quoting the great minds of the world, though at times you may not fully understand it. Travel can be good for you, especially to foreign lands, and eating foods from other cultures and learning new languages may interest you. There can be a sense of pervasive restlessness that requires you to constantly be on the go, and you may have difficulty putting down roots.

    Your home is the road, or some faraway place in your head. You need a life that allows you to explore while still being able to enjoy the moment. Natal Moon in the 10th House Your career means most to you, and you want to succeed no matter what. Having your professional life on track is a goal, and you can be quite ambitious. Ideally, you should have a profession that allows you to express the Moon in some way, like cooking, or something nurturing like a caregiver, or something to do with the home.

    You may work in the public eye or with the public. You emotionally desire recognition for your work, and may care greatly about your status in life, being charming and appealing. Having career success may be more important to some of you than having a strong private life, and many will struggle with trying to find a balance. Some may not stick with one thing though, bouncing around from one to the next.

    You care a great deal about others though, and want to help when you can. Your friends are very important as well, and they can almost be like family especially for those with harsh family ties. They give you a lot of support, and you give plenty in return. You may be friends with many different types of people, loving diversity and eccentricity.

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    How you view the future and what your dreams are can be tied to your emotions, and may fluctuate with your feelings. Most are very insecure, and need to surround themselves with a lot of supportive people, otherwise they may easily become victims. You are pretty sensitive, and you care a great deal about people, even if you have a hard time showing that. Some may use that to work in a field helping others, usually through the medical field or through charitable work. You likely feel best in solitude, away from the world, going over your own internal workings.

    This placement is usually very spiritually inclined, and can be quite interested in the metaphysical. Your home is especially good for you now, making you feel more in sync. With transit Sun sextile or trine your natal Moon, new prospects may be presented to you that you can deal with well. You can hone your energy on whatever it is you need to get done. Physically, you have more strength, stamina, and feel healthier.

    You can increase the quality of your relationships with this aspect. With transit Sun square or opposition your natal Moon, you can be impulsive, doing things without thinking. You may work hard without seeing results, making you frustrated. You may not be clear about your feelings, and this can bring problems or start a fight in a relationship. Stress can increase. You can try to deal with this energy by recognizing your emotions and not letting them override logic. Transit Mercury to Natal Moon With transit Mercury conjunct your natal Moon, you can put your emotions into words much easier.

    Communicating them to others can be desired now, but it could also be just dealing with them yourself. You could have an important conversation with a female or about one. Communications will likely get a bump now. You can asses what it is you want and verbalize it. With transit Mercury square or opposite your natal Moon, everything you read or hear may not be to your liking. Your mind is clouded, making it difficult to work.

    You can be easily hurt by words. This time can be a little like a personal Mercury retrograde where everything gets thrown out of whack, so just try to relax. You can handle everything in stride, not taking life too seriously. Your emotions are soft and this is excellent for romance. You feel better, look better, and treat people better.

    With transit Venus sextile or trine your natal Moon, you can enjoy life and all the loveliness within it. You want everyone to get along and have the ability to make that happen. You can be there for someone if they need you. You can hurt easier in relationships, and get into fights at home. Make sure you have something to do. Try not to be too impulsive. Your emotions are strong, but you can channel the energy into something productive. With transit Mars square or opposite your natal Moon, your emotions may be in the extreme, especially when it comes to anger.

    Watch for fighting and confrontations, especially needless ones. Your hot head may get you in trouble, especially if you have a temper normally. Again, try to find a physical outlet for your frustrations maybe time for a kickboxing class? Your moods raise and you feel optimistic about everything in life. Just be careful not to overdo it. You want to make happy changes to your home, and you may redecorate to make it reflect your upbeat mood or renovate to expand and make it larger.

    You can knock down walls and go for that open-concept feel, or move into a larger home. Strengthening your inner foundation is favorable, and you may want to make your relationships with loved ones, especially family, better. With transit Jupiter sextile or trine your natal Moon, you can usually be optimistic without being delusional about it.

    You find life to be more pleasurable, and try to have more fun. People see you as open and sociable, making them drawn to you. Transit Saturn to Natal Moon With transit Saturn conjunct your natal Moon, you need to evaluate your life and whether or not your emotional needs are being met.

    If you feel alone and without help, this transit can make that apparent to you, and you must try to remedy the problem. Looking within can be helpful, though it may also be unsettling if you let it be. Confront your issues and try to resolve them. If you deal with the energy, you can develop greater strength and awareness of reality. You can handle your responsibilities well, and deal with whatever comes at you. Your emotions are less likely to rule over logic, making this a good time for decision-making.

    You can feel more like a real mature adult. Loneliness can set in, and problems with the home, mother, and women are likely. This transit brings extreme caution and insecurity. Just let things go at their own pace and try not to speed everything up or let yourself get too down.

    What kind of change usually depends on you. This transit can also open up restricted outlooks. You want to be around people and situations that enliven you and anyone or anything you find boring might get the boot. You strive to express yourself freely and be as independent as possible. Your home and family may undergo change, and you can suddenly decide to make an improvement to your residence.


    Opposition Aspects in the Complete Horoscope - Opposites in Your Life

    Women can also be particularly beneficial, and one could help you unexpectedly. Women can bring all kinds of problems for you, especially in love relationships. Try to wrangle the energy and be cautious with the changes you make. Transit Neptune to Natal Moon With transit Neptune conjunct your natal Moon, you must be careful of whom you associate and spend time with.

    Surrounding yourself with stable, positive people will help make this transit smoother. This can be good in that it makes you more caring, empathetic, and intuitive, but it also makes you vulnerable, so take care of yourself. Women can have extra influence on you, and you may have to deal with your mother somehow. User ID. Remember Me. Forgot Password? Moon Transits. This is a high-energy time where displaying your individuality is more important than following the crowd. You prefer going it alone, or situations may force you to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you must choose between the needs of others and what you want.

    Acting without thinking is a typical response now, and feelings have a significant impact in what actions you take. You can be so quick to react that you have no time to consider the consequences. What others are Saying about us. I really enjoyed this reading - I am currently in a very complicated place regarding my career and really needed some guidance.