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FREE GIFT. December 15, fun birthday facts no one tells you. Dec 15th epic list of famous birthdays, celebrities, #1 song, florida man, trivia, bday meaning. Zodiac & Astrology Signs; Birthstone & Gemstone. A Birthday Wish;

It is the number of potential and growth. Planetary speaking here we encounter the double influence of the planet Jupiter.

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So, as the reflection on a character of the people who are born on December 21, it shows that they are adaptable humans who are penetrating to achieve their goals, invest a lot of effort in their actions, can achieve great results and become highly respected members of the community. Work best in the field of creativity or public activities. On the emotional plane, they must not feel impudent, value their freedom, and at any moment are ready to go. Every discovery scientific and every other means so much for the human race and one such event occurred on December 21, among many wars and peace agreements.

Ireland declared full independence from Great Britain and withdrew from the Commonwealth. This is an open way for the international recognition of East Germany. Libya was later accused of being responsible for this terrorist act. The end of Sagittarius rule clearly make some very interesting personal characters.

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In the end, we must mention that these people have many flaws — they can take foolish risks. Besides, they will rarely learn anything from their own mistakes. They do not have a head created for money, and always exaggerate with expenditures, but they will have chances in life to win some cash especially since these people adore gambling.


December 21 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

Many people who are born on December 21 are defenceless and hasty, so they also get their mouth shut. They know they carelessly hurt others when they are cunning or honest at the wrong time.


They tend not to keep promises, but not because they want to hurt someone, but because they will never acknowledge that they made a mistake. Gemini May 21 - Jun Cancer Jun 21 - Jul Leo Jul 23 - Aug Virgo Aug 23 - Sep Libra Sep 22 - Oct Scorpio Oct 21 - Nov Sagittarius Nov 21 - Dec Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan A garland of flowers identifies luck.

April 21 to May 21 Heartfelt words are spoken by you and to you as Jupiter merges with Mercury to help clear-the-air conversations. Even if you have no plans to travel over the holidays, a seasonal greeting in an unusual language brings a new love interest into your life.

December 21 Sagittarius Personality

The temptation to spend more is all around but you can be strong and find ways to keep costs under control. Taking this further could open a career door. But romance will treat you generously when bumping into a past workmate starts a loved-up future.

Who know's what is in store for you! Check out your birth date meaning.

For the first time in a year, the sun enters your relationships chart, generating passion and attraction. You need only to look a would-be catch in the eyes to know this is the start of something special. This is also a day when you can do the kind of two-way, open talking that takes partners to a new level of love.

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December 21 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

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